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Africa. Nightfall. The African continent is the landmass of the world. It is the only continent which has a landmass entirely east of the Atlantic Ocean and is the third-largest continent. It also contains the world's longest river. The word Africa means "Land of the Blacks" in the Bantu languages of central and southern Africa. At least nine of the world's great linguistics groups can be classified as being native to Africa. The definition of Africa is a much disputed matter. The scientific definition is: land and ocean in Africa and adjacent islands north of the Equator. Political definition: land and ocean south of the Sahara. Geographical definition: a vast and mostly land-covered area from the Atlantic to the Red Sea and Arabian Sea, north of the tropic of Capricorn, south of the Equator., but we do not believe the decision was erroneous. The record shows that Mr. Johnson gave the officer the license and registration, and that the officer searched the automobile and removed a.25 caliber pistol from under the seat of the automobile where it had been placed by Mr. Johnson at his direction. Assignment of Error No. 10 is overruled. In their Assignment of Error No. 11, the defendants complain that the court erred in admitting evidence of convictions of the defendants of crimes other than the crime for which they are now being tried. The defendants objected to the introduction into evidence of the record of a conviction of the defendant Henderson for forgery. This forgery was committed in October, 1959, and the judgment was made final in January, 1960. The record shows that defendant Henderson was arrested on January 17, 1960, on a charge of burglary, and that he was found guilty on June 14, 1960. The record further shows that defendant Johnson was arrested on January 30, 1960, and that he was found guilty of burglary, and was sentenced to seven years at hard labor. The burglary convictions of defendants Henderson and Johnson were admissible in evidence to show their disposition to commit crimes of the same nature as that for which they were on trial, and the evidence as to their conviction of the two prior crimes was competent and relevant in the present case. This assignment of error is overruled. In their Assignment of Error No. 12, the defendants complain that the court erred in admitting into evidence State's Exhibit No. 2, a pistol, because the State failed to prove that the pistol had been stolen. The defendant Henderson was driving the automobile



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